sobota, 22 sierpnia 2015

Wiktoryna. Broszka shibori

Moja pierwsza lecz nie ostatnia shibori. Łatwo nie było ale dałam radę.

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  1. Pierwsza! To udała się, bardzo ładna.

    1. Szkoda, że blog już został opuszczony... Były fajne wpisy.


  2. Hi, I'm Marta and I'm also craft: I do high-end jewelry (often with precious and semi always with silver stones) using the Japanese technique of Miyuki.

    I found your blog by chance and I've taken a little walk ... And I still have the open mouth of the amount of beauty I've seen out of your hands artist.

    Now, my deepest desire would be that you accepted the invitation that I give you in hand for you to come to visit my craft corner (, you see my things, they are also beautiful, and if you like, you to stay as a follower of him (not that I see what is proving difficult to find supporters for a blog with the theme of mine).

    I look forward to your visit (hope I keep it in the heart) and I leave you now with a kiss and a flower

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